Collège Privé Mixte Saint Charles - FRANCE


Pascal LABBE : teaches French and italian in Collège Saint Charles, Feillens, France. Pascal LABBE is the project manager Comenius for the Collège Saint-Charles.

Pascal LYANT : is the headmaster of the Collège Saint Charles.

Gilles MAUDUIT : teaches Sciences in Collège Saint-Charles. He is the ICT referent and webmaster of the college website.


Frédérique MERLE : teaches history and geography in Collège Saint Charles, Feillens, France.


Anne-Sophie CHAVY : teaches spanish  in Collège Saint Charles, Feillens, France


Isabelle Bonna teaches English at Saint Charles School in Feillens, France



The College Saint-Charles is located in the heart of Feillens which has  3000 inhabitants. Situated on the banks of the Saône near Mâcon. It has highway, infrastructure to go on the axis Dijon-Lyon to Switzerland or via the Savoie.

The College Saint-Charles finds its origin in a private foundation run by the Sisters of St. Charles Lyon. This foundation was intended for girls' education, visiting the sick and the opening of a pharmacy established in 1807.

in 1988-1989: construction of a new building with two science labs, a living language

1996: acquisition of adjoining land to expand the court. The opening on the Place de l'Europe is entering college.

in 2000-2001: construction of a new building with health, three classrooms,  two laboratories and computer and video room, a multipurpose room, a documentation center and a home improving life in the college.

2008: construction of a lift to provide disabled students with access to all classrooms.


The college in 2013 have:

  • 440 students in 17 classes supervised by 24 teachers.
  • 2200m2 building with 17 classrooms connected to the Internet.





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